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Brunch til 4pm. Check!

Sunday morning.  Check.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit

Coffee in hand.  Check.

Soft breeze blowing through my hair.  Check.

Belly full as can be.  Check.

Smile on my face.  Double-Check!

It didn’t take much to pull me into Iron Hen this morning.  It was a late night last night indulging in some local music, and I needed refueling.  The weather was perfect for dining on the patio, and I remembered that Iron Hen serves Brunch until 4pm on Sundays.  Yes!  I said 4pm! 

Look at that French Toast!

Just the fact that they serve it until 4pm makes me happy all by itself.  See, I know that on Monday morning, the grind starts back, and I’m not going to be able to enjoy a hearty breakfast.  However, I do know that I can go into Iron Hen on Sunday afternoon, order my favorite Brunch item, and carry that warm and satisfied Brunch memory with me for a couple of days…until I need a re-up on a weekday morning during breakfast.

When you factor in the stellar quality of the food, coffee, and presentation, the amazing friendly staff, along with the Brunch hours, you get one very happy redhead!

To make the Brunch experience even better Sunday morning, there was a young couple sitting behind me that ordered the most delicious looking pancakes!  I saw their pancakes being delivered, and I just couldn’t resist snapping a shot of them!  Gosh it was difficult not getting up to order some of my own!  Alas though, I was full…

Iron Hen Café is truly one place you can NEVER make a wrong decision with when it comes to your choice of dish.  It’s all so smile-provoking…

What are you having today?


2 comments on “Brunch til 4pm. Check!

  1. Janis
    May 20, 2012

    I love breakfast at any time of the day!

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